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Plz Support this :)

Thread: Suggest Achievements! Official Thread v2

Thread: Boba's Scripts



My Release Thread

Thread: ElBrado's (latest) uploads

Here's the (un-official)

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Thread: Rregullat E KickassTorrents.


Idea: Put the grey spoiler button in the center!!
Idea: Create ideas for only a special rank!!
Idea: Savegame sub-category under PC in Games
Idea: Albanian Community - KOMUNITETI SHQIPTAR
Idea: More notification sounds

The Wall

Thank you for added me as friend.
Enjoy The Weekend My Friend! rock


UEFA Euro 2016 Final
10 July 2016

Thread: Official UEFA Euro 2016
Love the fake mute mate. Reminds me of 'fake mute week' that myself and a couple of users did in 2012. We had "muted" avatars as a joke for one week - it made people ask questions. loltongue

Peace be with you. thumb_upcoolthumb_up

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haahha i have been (self) learning how to use after effects and i have been making a great deal of avatars lately lol (check them in my album)
(a fake-muted-gif drags twice more attention than a real mute lol)tittertittertitter

I'm thinking of making an avvy request thread think

El bradothink? Gonna miss the Boba_Fett with Barney gifs nerd lol
Congratzz Mate !! rockrock
Former Translator lolrockrock
No this comment has been posted several minutes before i passed FT so this can't be it lol
The suspense is killing me here...what is it? sweattitter
I asked Cal

its on my last cheevos lol lollollollol
Well Congrats on Children of KAT lolyes

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